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I want to tell you about one of my favourite hobbies, which is cooking. I love to lớn cook homemade meals, because they are healthy, less fattening and nutritious lớn eat.

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My favourite things that I like to lớn cook are; chicken bryani noodles & vegetables, pasta with tomakhổng lồ sauce or tuna casserole.

Cooking to me is also an enjoyable thing khổng lồ bởi vì as well as it being a special hobby.

I encourage people to take this opportunity to make healthy cooking a part of their everyday lifestyle.

From what I know, a lot of people eat the wrong foods at the wrong time; so they will ảo diệu excuses for not eating healthy. It’s no wonder people are extremely obese and they should take proper care of themselves. Those kinds of people just don’t want to listen to their physicians. That’s why people have sầu health problems such as heart attacks, which could lead to lớn possible death.

Please think of healthy cooking as a hobby and a healthy lifestyle khổng lồ you và your family.

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– One of my hobbies is listening khổng lồ music, especially English songs. My hobby started when I was a first – year student at Da Nang University of Technology. I spover much time on it. I can listening when I am doing my housework such as clean the floor, wash clothes, wash dish…or when I sleep…I love sầu Taylor Swift, Rihana…they are great singers. I can learn English vocabulary when listening lớn English songs and it also make me feel relaxed.

I think it a good hobby & I will never stop it.

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Some people may think cooking is just a daily work lớn make meals. But for me, cooking is a hobby – the best hobby khổng lồ have sầu, because it can be very useful in life.

Cooking has been my hobby for several years. I was about six years old, when I started learning how to cook. It is something that I inherited from my grandmother. She was a professional chef and owned her own restaurant, where I learned how to cook.

There are so many reasons I love sầu to cook. I enjoy cooking because it keeps me happy in my life. Whenever I feel sad or upphối, cooking ease that for me in a big way. Because when I am cooking I have sầu very little time lớn think, the cooking is challenging my mind và taking my mind off the găng tay of everyday life. Cooking also enables me to lớn exp& my creativity. I have sầu invested hours of my time per day to be more knowlegable about different cooking methods.

One more good thing about cooking is I’m happy and satisfied when I cook for my family, relatives, friends, or even people whom I vì chưng not know and they enjoy my food. And it’s more meaningful when I cook for homeless people sometimes.

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